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Nixon Caroline
DVD. Kid's Box Starter Presentation Plus



Cambridge University Press


Kid's Box

Авторы/редакторы и т.п.

Nixon Caroline, Tomlinson Michael

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DVD, Kid's, Box, Starter, Presentation, Plus, Kid's, Box, Cambridge, University, Press, Nixon, Caroline, Tomlinson, Michael

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Second edition of this popular course for young learners - now seven levels including Starter. Well-loved by children and teachers the world over, Kid's Box is bursting with bright ideas to inspire you and your pupils. Perfect for general use, the course also fully covers the syllabus of the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) tests, preparing your students for success at Starters, Movers and Flyers. Presentation Plus includes interactive whiteboard tools, a fully interactive version of the Class Book, teacher's resources, a multimedia library and access to online teacher training support. This version of Presentation comes on DVD. Presentation Plus is also available as a mobile application suitable for iOS and Android.
ISBN 978-1-107-67694-7
Год издания 2014
Номер издания -
Обложка/переплет -
Количество томов/кассет/дисков 1
Количество страниц 1
Язык английский
Формат издания -
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