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Sarah Ackroyd
Audio CD. English in Mind Level 3 Testmaker



Cambridge University Press


English in Mind

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Sarah Ackroyd

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Audio, English, Mind, Level, Testmaker, English, Mind, Cambridge, University, Press, Sarah, Ackroyd

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This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. This Testmaker Audio CD/CD-ROM gives teachers the flexibility to create and edit their own tests. It is extremely easy to use while also offering a range of functionality for those who like to customise more. Teachers can choose from unit tests, which can be combined in pairs, and end-of-year tests. There are also options to test the same course content at both 'standard' and 'more challenging' levels. The Testmaker can produce two versions of each test to prevent students from sharing answers. This disc contains all the audio required for test listening components.
ISBN 978-0-521-18562-2
Год издания 2011
Номер издания -
Обложка/переплет -
Количество томов/кассет/дисков 1
Количество страниц -
Язык английский
Формат издания -
Тип бумаги -
Тираж, экз. -


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